The Complicated Life, and Beautiful Death, of Roger Ebert

Anyone over 35 is familiar with Roger Ebert. The film critic’s iconic “Thumbs Up” rating system determined for nearly four decades which films we’d see in theaters, which ones we saved for cable, and which ones we’d probably never see at all.  This familiarity makes it easy to assume that a documentary would teach us nothing about the […]

Why the Academy Awards Needs to Rethink its Cold Response to “Blue is the Warmest Color”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stunned few when it announced its 2014 “Oscar” nominees. Yes, Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Redford were overlooked. However, the acting fields were loaded with such performances, one cannot help but shrug his or her shoulders and simply move on. One slight, however, should […]