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The Rise of the Evangelical Liberal

As I listened to Pastor Bill Tvedt on the radio this morning, my spirit was moved. The conservative evangelical told NPR’s David Greene that all members of the Jubilee Family Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa, vote. It is part of their religious mission and platform, Tvedt said. It is the way to best represent their faith. […]

iPad’s Big Day Out

Earlier this week, I spent an entire day trying to find my daughter’s missing Mini iPad. If you have ever lost an iPhone or other mobile device, you know it has an internal GPS function that you can track online. So in theory, how hard could this recovery be? Now, these days I’m a stay-at-home mom. […]

Boardwalk Empire: Where Astonishing Performances Go to Die

As the series-finale of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire approaches, the bodies in Atlantic City are being stacked higher than the crates of smuggled liquor. It’s HBO cousin Game of Thrones has mastered the art of sudden death. Yet, King’s Landing is the land of awkward thugs compared to the murderous finesse executed by those along the Atlantic Seaboard. In GOT, one tends to […]

The Complicated Life, and Beautiful Death, of Roger Ebert

Anyone over 35 is familiar with Roger Ebert. The film critic’s iconic “Thumbs Up” rating system determined for nearly four decades which films we’d see in theaters, which ones we saved for cable, and which ones we’d probably never see at all.  This familiarity makes it easy to assume that a documentary would teach us nothing about the […]

The Only Thing Worse Than a Naked Lena Dunham is One Wearing Clothes

So much has been written and said about the creative prowess and fashion freedom of multi-hyphenate power girl Lena Dunham. During her three-year stint as creator, writer, director, actor and executive producer of the HBO hit “Girls” Dunham has gone where no non-prostituting woman has dared to go before.   Many critics bemoan her nude […]

You Think You Don’t Know Pete Seeger?

Perhaps You said to yourself today: “I didn’t really know Pete Seeger.” The name sounds familiar. The news headlines have your interest. You have learned that he’s a singer and songwriter.  You hear people call him “An American Troubadour.” He apparently influenced many people. He performed a number of public sing-alongs. Someone has gone so far […]