One Building Block at a Time!

What is it they say about hell and good intentions? I have to tell you I had every good intention of launching my post-CNN life immediately. Then I came to a couple of realizations. First, I was exhausted!

No one tells you this in journalism school, but the business can really wipe you out. Nothing about it is predictable. There are no such thing as banker’s hours. You are always online, on the go, and at the mercy of the news gods. It’s one of the reasons to like it so much, frankly. Fun, wild, unexpected, and exciting.

In fact you’re so adrenalin driven, that when you do step off, your body says ‘what the hell?’ Well, that’s what happened to me. I think I slept for six weeks straight immediately after I left CNN. Then I did what any addict in recovery must do. I powered off. I suspect this was for the best. As in the final weeks of the year, when I could finally expose myself to some media in moderation, my former colleagues were engrossed in one of the most brutal news cycles ever.

Yes, news happens in cycles. Sandy, the Presidential election and Sandy Hook. Wow…..I commend my friends working that 24/7 news cycle. I applaud them. I also praise God on high that I don’t have to put my body through that again.

This doesn’t mean I am now one of the disenfranchised consumers that are wreaking havoc on the news industry. Instead, it makes me more empathetic to both sides. It’s also allowed me to truly take a breath. Get some context. Even–gasp!–develop a position on an issue.

And that’s all right. It’s okay to take a stand. Now my stand is about the next chapter. Where I happen in my work. And my work doesn’t just happen to me. So do stay tuned, because I’m a collector: of people, ideas, even a few things.

And I cannot wait to share them with you….SOON!

Thanks for reading!